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Yacht & Yoga Retreats

Custom Private Charter

“You must live in the present, launch yourself on every wave, find your eternity in each moment. Fools stand on their island of opportunities and look toward another land. There is no other land; there is no other life but this.” – Henry David Thoreau

What to expect

Good morning, you have woken up on a luxurious 73ft yacht, anchored in a secluded Caribbean bay. Sunrise opens to the tropical islands, sprinkled through the crystal clear Caribbean waters as you drift into your morning meditation. Bringing welcomed, gentle movement to your body, as the sun begins to kiss the sea. Slip into the warm sea for your first swim of the day before we gently sail into the next pristine destination. Cruising along, enjoy the salty spray and sunshine, before we nestle into the bay and drop anchor for another heavenly, starry night. Move with the ocean in ways that gets your body feeling wonderful. Still your mind with gently guided meditations. Dine consciously, slowly, on fruits, vegetables, fresh fish, and exquisite treats.

Feel each sacred moment aboard as well as exploring the island shores.


6 Days

6 guests

3 Crew


Daily yoga practice for all levels

Learning the 8 limbs of yoga

Sail, swim, snorkel and connect with the ocean

Learn how to contribute to a healthier ocean and healthier you

Sailing and living on a traditional wooden yacht

Beautiful meals, locally and sustainably sourced, and three dinners on shore to indulge in the local Caribbean cuisine!

Pricing based on double occupancy, shared cabin

Immigration fees, mooring fees, Marine Park fees.


*Day before departure the Captain will gather your passports to take to customs to check the group out of the country of Grenada. All passports must be collected by 3pm.

Day 1

Port Louis Marina, St George’s, Grenada

0800 Good morning and welcome to the adventure of a lifetime. We greet you at Port Louis Marina where your yacht and super-duper crew await you. 

0900 Departure. As we sail along the west coast of Grenada, your yoga instructor will introduce her style of teaching for the retreat. The meditations and movements will be provided to support you, honoring your intentions. This is an inclusive, all-abilities honored retreat, and the movements will be accessible. Meditations will include oceanic themes, connecting us to our home for the week.

We head north along the west coast of Grenada toward the tiny uninhabited Sandy Island. This is our longest day of sailing, as you can expect 5 – 6 hours. We pick up a mooring ball adjacent to the island in the Carriacou Marine Park to enjoy the beautiful beach and excellent snorkeling. Evening on the yacht, relax in a gentle breeze and bliss out in a lingering sunset!

As your captain sails us north, we will connect to our breath, guiding you through breathing exercises that will relax your nervous system, reduce cortisol in your body, and enhance a deep feeling of well-being. We will spend a little time on our hips, the area which can always use some love! For all gentle movement sessions.

Day 2

Sandy IslandSandy Island to Chatham Bay, Union Island, St Vincent & the Grenadines

Silent morning gathering, group meditation (20 min)

Breakfast, then sail off to another island country! Welcome to St Vincent & the Grenadines. A lovely 2 hour sail lands us in the secluded Chatham Bay, of Union Island. Slip into the water and experience some great snorkeling! Some wonderful things here – eagle ray, schools of squid and cormorants diving bombing into schools of fish!

Afternoon yoga, beach walk or swim/snorkel safari. The choice is yours!

Later that evening we dingy to shore for some epic fun with Seki and Vanessa for a decadent and authentic Caribbean beach BBQ. Your captain will manage your immigration into the country.

Day 3


Tobago Cays Turtle Sanctuary and Marine Park

Rise early for your Sunrise Salutations and raise the anchor for a 2 hour sail to Tobago Cays!

Enter postcard perfect paradise.  Tobago Cays is the pristine set of tiny islands with perfect reefs set in turquoise waters. Your dream comes true. Anchor inside the horseshoe reef, which nearly encircles the four main cays.  This area is the Baradel turtle sanctuary and Tobago Cays marine park.  Snorkel with your new fishy friends among the sea turtles and gentle Caribbean rays, or hike the tiny island to discover iguanas. Tonight we will be enjoying sunset and dinner aboard the yacht. Slip into slumber as the boat rocks you to sleep.


Tobago Cays hosts several tiny islands surrounded by reefs:

  • Catholic Rock Bird Sanctuary: Sea bird nesting and roosting colonies. Observe from the boat
  • Horse Shoe Reef: Excellent Coral Reef site with an abundance of fish and coral (inshore side snorkelers; ocean side SCUBA)
  • Baradal Turtle Sanctuary: Protected area where green and hawksbill turtles, and Caribbean rays can be observed foraging freely
  • Petit Tabac: Isolated beach and the filming location for the desert island scene in “Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl”.
  • Petit Bateau, James Bay, Petit Rameau: boast hiking trails where you could observe our abundance of tropical flora and fauna including iguanas and birds. They also provide excellent panoramic views of the Grenadines.

Day 4

Tobago Cays Marine Sanctuary

Wake up in paradise – again! Mornings begin with a playful entrance into your day. Play all day – swim, snorkel, hang out or explore some of the tiny islands surrounding us!

On the beach, engage in sandy yoga. Move, stretch, breathe, fully embrace the Caribbean spirit!

Monique will guide a Snorkel Safari around Baradel Island and Turtle Sanctuary where we will observe inspiring new reef growth and the plethora of marine life flourishing in the aquatic ecosystem.

We end the day with a festive beach BBQ on one of the islands, hosted by a few of our favorite local characters on the beach.


Day 5

Petit St Vincent

Sunrise stretch and meditation

Departing Tobago Cays after your morning swim and breakfast, we sail for 2 hours to Petit St Vincent and drop anchor in the gin-clear waters. It is an exclusive resort on a Private island is open to yachties for dinner at your choice of two fabulous restaurants – some nights feature a live band so you can dance the night away on the beach.

While visiting Petit St Vincent, we will also discover the teeny, tiny island, Mopion, protected by the surrounding coral reefs, with a single structure on it – a handmade palm leaf umbrella. We will anchor just outside the reefs and take our dinghy onto the island for some fabulous snorkelling in the protected, translucent, turquoise waters.  

Day 6


Early morning departure we begin our return to Grenada. The winds and current are with us on our return. Expect a smooth and speedy 5 hour sail. Just outside of St Georges, we will make a quick stop to enjoy some amazing snorkeling at Molinere Point.  This is the site of Grenada’s famous underwater sculpture park!  The sculptures have been placed here for your entertainment and as artificial reefs.  The coral attaches to the structures, attracting fish of plenty! 

We say our goodbyes in Port St Louis with fabulous memories and ocean sized smiles!

Day 7
Grenada Sculpture ParkPSV to Grenada

Early morning departure we begin our return to Grenada. Port St Louis. On return to Grenada we will make a quick stop to enjoy some amazing snorkeling at Moliniere Point. This is the site of Grenada’s famous underwater sculpture park! The sculptures have been placed here for your entertainment and as artificial reefs. The coral attaches to the structures, attracting fish of plenty! Underwater camera a must here! We will anchor just outside of St Georges for one more sunset and sleep!

Day 8
GrenadaGrenada – 10:00 AM

With sun kissed faces, fabulous memories and ocean sized smiles, we say our goodbyes in Port St Louis, St. George’s


7:00 am – Meet at Port Louis Marina parking lot

Board Jambalaya schooner

Welcome fresh fruit juice

Set sail north for Flamingo Bay

Enjoy a sunrise meditation followed by a yoga session

Dive into the warm clear waters of Flamingo Bay for a snorkel or refreshing swim

Après swim snack of a nutritious smoothie

Breakfast of vegan banana pancakes

13:00 – return to Port Louis

Cost: $100USD

Max: 15 guests

What to Expect:

Yoga practice for all levels


Sail, swim, snorkel and connect with the ocean

Beautiful vegan snacks, locally and sustainably sourced

We provide snorkel, mask and fins

Bring your own towel and yoga matt

Bring your own props

Reef Safe sunscreen

Discretionary gratuity 15-20%