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COVID-19 Protocol for Jambalaya Sailing Charters

Jambalaya Sailing Charters is implementing standards to keep our operations in keeping with hygiene protocol as recommended by public health and medical experts. We would like to assure our guests our safety and health measures are in place for the benefit of our guests and crew. We look forward to welcoming you on board for a safe and fun holiday adventure.

Administration and Management of Protocol

The Captain is the designated person to oversee implementation of protocol. All our crew are trained to the standard recommended by Grenada health authorities and in keeping with WHO recommendations. Each member of Jambalaya takes responsibility for the protocol. In addition to JSC standard waiver, guests will be required to sign a COVID CONSENT FORM, with an email address. JSC adheres to the discipline of tracking our guests to inform them of a possible infection.

Changes to the JSC DAY Excursions

JSC will no longer be serving food for DAY TRIP excursions until further notice.

JSC will no longer conduct tours of the interior of the vessel. Guests are welcome to view the interior from the above deck hatches.

Health & Safety

Temperature of crew taken before shift begins

Crew shirts are not to be worn while in transit. Crew shirts worn only on the vessel

Crew will be wearing masks for the duration of the trip

Guests must wear masks as they board the vessel. Temperatures of the guests will be taken on the dock prior to boarding. Any guests displaying symptoms or a temperature indicating illness will not be permitted to board.

Guests must provide their own masks – masks WILL NOT be provided for guests. Crew will wear masks for the duration of the trip. Guest must wear masks as boarding and are welcome to remove their masks, once the sails are up and the vessel is set to sail.

Social and Physical Distancing

The sailing vessel is 73ft long and 20ft wide allowing for comfort and distancing. The decks will not be marked for social distancing. Guests will be expected to comply to accepted standards of 2m. In the case where couples and families are travelling together, they are encouraged to self-regulate accordingly.

Due to the nature of boarding the vessel, Crew must assist in boarding. Crew will wear gloves during, on, and, off boarding.

Cleaning and Sanitizing

The interior of the vessel will be cleaned with a mix of bleach and hot water prior to all charters and at the end of all charters.

The top deck will be cleaned with a mild, ocean friendly soap prior to charter and rinsed with salt water.

The vessel will have 2 hand sanitizing stations for guests.

Crew will serve drinks in disposable paper cups.


CREW: Face masks, uniforms to be changed daily, regular hand washing between tasks, personal hand sanitizer bottles, contactless thermometers, gloves.                            

GUESTS: Two hand sanitizer stations.

Documents: Port Authority Inspection, GTA compliance certificate